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In the past 50 years, the overall cure rate for childhood cancer in the U.S. has improved dramatically. And yet, despite these advances, childhood cancer remains the leading cause of non-accidental death in children.

Texas Children’s Hospital Cancer & Hematology Center

By the Numbers: Texas Children’s Hospital Cancer & Hematology Centers sees over 4,220 new patients each year from 50 states and 26 countries.

In the U.S. over 16,000 children develop cancer each year. Over 80% of these children are cured. In contrast, in sub-Saharan Africa, over 100,000 children develop cancer each year and 90% do not survive.

Our partnership with Texas Children’s Hospital began in 2017 and has only grown since. We made an initial $25,000 donation and recently committed to an enormous pledge to help fund the Immunotherapy Center in Texas and The Global HOPE initiative. Together, these are going to change thousands of children’s lives!

Impact Projects Funded to Date

Sky High for Kids Tumor Biology Center

At this lab, investigators can enable customized, precision therapy designed specifically for each child.

Current Pledge Commitments

Sky High for Kids Immunotherapy Center (Houston, TX) – $10 Million Pledge Commitment 

Immunotherapy represents an extremely effective and potentially less toxic treatment for cancer. Immunotherapy uses a patient’s own immune system to fight their cancer, targets their cancer cells more specifically, and avoids damage to non-cancerous normal tissue. Immunotherapy is revolutionizing childhood cancer treatment locally and globally.

Total Pledged: $10,000,00033%

Paid thus far: $3,327,833.50

Texas Children’s Global HOPE – $10 Million Pledge Commitment 

Global Hope builds capacity in the care and treatment of children with cancer and blood disorders in sub-Saharan Africa training African physicians, nurses, and other health care workers in the diagnosis, care and treatment of children. This is the only way that the prognosis of African children can improve dramatically. Every additional 10% increase in survival that Global HOPE achieves means that an additional 10,000 children are saved each year.

Total Pledged: $10,000,00033%

Paid thus far: $3,327,833.50

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

We first donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in 2007. That initial contribution of $40,000 has only inspired us to give more, and in 2018 Sky High completed a $5 million pledge to help fund the Eric Trump Surgery and ICU Center.

By the numbers: It costs St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital over $1 billion to operate annually. That’s over $2 million per day.

Impact Projects Funded to Date

Eric Trump Surgery & ICU Center

Sky High funded three rooms within the ETF Surgery & ICU Center. Each day eight families spend the most critical time of their lives at this facility

Current Pledge Commitment

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Inspiration4 Advanced Research Center – $20 Million Pledge Commitment 

Sky High will fund a research floor in the new 625,000-square-foot Inspiration4 Advanced Research Center (ARC) at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The ARC will be home to several shared resources, including state-of-the-art biorepository, advanced microscopy, image analysis core and a gene-editing center. It will also house laboratories focused on immunotherapy, neurobiology, cell and molecular biology, metabolomics, epigenetics, genomics, immunotherapy and RNA biology. Research conducted throughout the ARC will help move pediatric cancer survival rates forward.

Total Pledged: $20,000,00029%

Paid thus far: $5,764,462.00

The Ronald McDonald House Charities – Memphis

Ronald Mcdonald House Charity Memphis logo

By the numbers: The Ronald McDonald House of Memphis has housed over 9,900 families since they opened their doors in 1991.

The Ronald McDonald House of Memphis allows families from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, a primarily out-patient hospital, to stay completely free of charge. The House gives families the opportunity to focus on the health of their children.

Sky High has given more to The Ronald McDonald House Charities, Memphis than any other donor for over five years.

Impact Projects Funded to Date

Sky High has invested in a variety of infrastructure and patient support projects including 24/7 security, bereavement support and kitchen renovations. In 2019, our team paid off a $1.25 million pledge to fund the Power Grid Project to offer a solution to power outages at the house. At any given time, we are assisting 53 families staying there.

Current Pledge Commitments

Ronald McDonald House of Memphis Electricity Bill – $150,000 Annual Commitment 

Sky High helps cover the cost of the annual electricity bill, allowing 53 families fighting pediatric cancer housed at The Ronald McDonald House Charities, Memphis to stay safe and comfortable.

Ronald McDonald House of Memphis Rise & Shine – $100,000 Annual Commitment 

Rise and Shine Breakfast will offer fast and hot food for the families as they head out to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for morning treatments.

The Ronald McDonald House Charities – San Antonio

When a child is sick, the RMHC of San Antonio staff works to take away every stress—housing, food, and transportation so families can focus solely on their child. That is why their mission is Keeping families close®: close to one another, close to the best care for their child, and close to other support systems. With RMHC, no child will be in a hospital, far from home, without their parents at their side.

Impact Project Funded to Date

Ronald McDonald House of San Antonio Cancer Care Room

In 2022, Sky High for Kids donated $15,000 to help create a Cancer Care Room in the Sid Katz home. The Cancer Care Rooms can accommodate up to four people and are designed with their own kitchenette and HVAC systems to provide families with additional protection against the risk of infection while their child undergoes cancer treatment.

Current Pledge Commitment

Ronald McDonald House of San Antonio Cancer – $30,000 Commitment 

Support from Sky High for Kids will be used to sponsor two family rooms within the Sid Katz House. These two family rooms will help offer families a comfortable place to stay while undergoing treatment for Childhood Cancer and other life-threatening conditions.

Covenant Children’s Health

As the only licensed freestanding children’s hospital in West Texas and Eastern New Mexico, Covenant Children’s provides excellent medical and surgical care for children.  Through a collaboration with the Children’s Oncology Group and a partnership with Texas Tech Physicians, Covenant Children’s offers the best services in pediatric oncology and hematology care in the region.

Current Pledge Commitment

Covenant Children’s Health Oncology & Hematology Unit Expansion – $1 Million Pledge Commitment 

Covenant Children’s is embarking on a comprehensive campaign to expand and upgrade oncology/hematology services by building a dedicated, state-of-the-art oncology and hematology unit for kids.  This unit will include inpatient and outpatient spaces, infusion, chemotherapy, play environments, child life specialists, and a school to allow kids to continue learning while in the hospital. The partnership and donation from Sky High will support this life-saving unit and keep kids close to home to receive the care that they need most.

The Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis, Camp Strong

Each summer, Saint Francis Health System hosts a one-week over-night camp for children with cancer and heart conditions and their siblings. Children age six to 18 years of age (or the summer immediately following their senior year of high school) are eligible to attend — whether on-treatment or off-treatment — with the approval of their physician.

Current Pledge Commitment

The Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis, Camp Strong – $40,000

Sky High will be helping sponsor the 2023 Camp Strong, hosting more than 80 children.