My name is Mechel and yes I am a cancer survivor, before I became a cancer patient, I too believed that cancer was the deadliest thing in the world, I too believed that if one was to get cancer there was nothing that could be done to help them. I too believed that cancer was the end of everything. What I did not know was, the beginning of cancer, is the beginning of a long life changing journey that also helps re unleash the warrior you are within. It may be tough, painful and exhaustive, but, at the end of this journey, you will be a very strong warrior, who brings hope and helps the other warriors believe in themselves, that they too can do it.

One thing you should know about pediatric cancer is, not only does it affect the strongest children in the world, its also a test, cancer want’s nothing but to know how strong somebody is, thats why it demands a battle, and we as warriors, do not use words to prove to cancer how strong we really are, we use the strength that we already have within. All those prayers we pray, all that Faith we kept, all of that support that we have, and the love that still runs in our hearts, all come together as an energy source to make us strong enough to pass every challenge cancer has for us…

You can do it, and together we can do it better, you are not fighting alone, victory will be ours.

And like I always say (fight like a kid).

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